Covid-19 News

As we prepare to reopen, we are taking the following extra measures to keep our clients and colleagues safe.

Bookings – Appointment spaces are precious so please give us plenty of notice if you wish to cancel or change your appointment as we have a backlog of clients. We do not want to have to impose cancellation charges but we reserve the right to make cancellation charges if 24 hrs notice is not received.

However if you or someone you are living with is showing Covid-19 symptoms then please cancel your appointment, and please do not enter the salon for 14 days. This is very important to keep staff and customers safe.

Your Salon Experience – We are making the following changes to your time in the salon:

  • Only the person having their hair or beauty treatment will be able to enter the salon so please come alone.
  • We cannot offer hot drinks; however feel free to bring a coffee or tea from home.
  • Please do not touch anything in the salon, we will provide everything you need.
  • We will be asking you to wash your hands.
  • Sanitiser will be used on both clients and stylists/therapists throughout your salon visit.

What measures are we taking?

  • We will be using disposable gowns for single time use on each client and we will dispose of them after use.
  • Stylists and therapists will be wearing appropriate PPE.
  • Extra time to sanitise and clean is needed between each client so please be aware we are spreading clients out and we will be working extra hours to get all our customers booked in.
  • Extra measures cost time and patience, so please bear with us as we will be practicing a much slower pace in the salon.
  • Stylists will be staggering shift patterns and working long hours to accommodate everyone.
  • Everyone will be treated equally, and everyone will be asked to participate in these extra measures to stay safe.

Finally, we are introducing the following temporary changes:

  1. All hair will be washed prior to starting the service – no dry cuts
  2. Skin sensitivity testing must be carried out before any colour services

Although we are yet to reopen, please note that when we do we will need a few days to arrange bookings and skin tests, so thank you for your patience.

Hope everyone is staying safe.